Perdana Consulting is an IT Consulting Service Company

PERDANA CONSULTING is an Information Technology company with Almost 20 Years of experience in implementing Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) in Indonesia, PERDANA CONSULTING has been committed to creating value for its customers to achieve their business objective to sustain competitive advantage.

Company Overview

Perdana Consulting was established in 2001 as a response to a premise that SAP Solution is required by Indonesia`s business entities to improve their performances, competitiveness, effectiveness, Good Corporate Governance (GCC) and strengths to face global competition.

By 2001, Perdana Consulting was certified as National SAP Implementation Partner, later by 2003 Perdana certified as SAP Channel Partner for SAP All-in-One.

Perdana Consulting adapts to meet customer demands. We have proven track record in delivering integrated business solutions using SAP Solution. Backed by a strong team from various backgrounds industries, Perdana has experiences of implementing SAP solutions to local and multinational companies across a wide range of industries in this nation. We have served customers like Oil, Gas, Mining & Energy, Process Manufacturing, Manufacturing, Airlines, Telecommunications, Food & Beverage, Banking, University and Higher Education.

Board of Management

Bambang Saptowinarno

Chief Executive Officer

Arimurti Pramuditta

Chief Business Development Officer

Banu Wimbadi

Chief Services Officer


PERDANA Consulting was founded to serve the people & the nation to take a little role in bringing & giving the good things in every step we made. With this kind of commitment PERDANA Consulting is taking a part in spreading peace and happiness through out the worlds.


Became the trusted advisor and provider of best in-class IT business solution to all level of customer sizes and targeted industries


Provide high quality advisory and consultancy to bring best in-class IT business solution implementation for our targeted customer, highest return to our stake holders and be the best place for employee to innovate and growth


Smart Work, Honest, Professional

Enjoy the best employee and development combined together

In line with our spirit “Smart Work, Honest, Professional” we believe that our employees are the core of our success. We also believe that employees are the most valuable asset to bring the company forward, therefore we concern to invest on human resources development. Resources development is our top priority activities to ensure the requirements.