Embarking on a journey of mutual innovation and excellence, Perdana Consulting and Mercedes Benz Indonesia recently convened in a momentous kickoff meeting to lay the foundation for our collaborative project – the Splitting Technical Information & Documentation System (TIDS).

In the dynamic atmosphere of shared enthusiasm and forward-thinking, both teams came together to chart a course for a project that promises to redefine standards in technical information management. The spirit of collaboration and the exchange of insights in that room were nothing short of inspiring.

As we delve into the intricacies of TIDS, a system poised to enhance technical documentation processes, we are fueled by the commitment and expertise that both Perdana Consulting and Mercedes Benz Indonesia bring to the table.

This kickoff marks the inception of a partnership where innovation meets precision. We are thrilled to unite our strengths and capabilities, leveraging technology to elevate standards in the automotive industry. The road ahead is promising, and we look forward to steering this project to new heights together.

To the remarkable teams at Perdana Consulting and Mercedes Benz Indonesia, thank you for your dedication and vision. Let’s drive innovation and excellence, shaping a future where technical information knows no bounds. 🚗💻 #TIDSKickoff #InnovationJourney #CollaborationInMotion


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